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About me

I am a translator, editor and copywriter based in Canton Zurich, Switzerland.

As I have been based in Zurich for most of my working life, it’s no surprise that my background is mainly in finance and (re)insurance. In fact, without wanting to name-drop, I have been working with a number of big players in both sectors for the past few years.

However, I also have more to offer. Sport media, sustainability and marketing/PR are particularly close to my heart and, as a result, they too are among the strongest strings attached to my proverbial bow.

Having spent over ten years in the business, I know my clients well and I understand why good written communication is important to them. I’ve used this knowledge to build a flexible, client-centred service providing targeted and well-written corporate messages in a range of formats. 

This site will tell you more about me and the services I provide. If you would like to know any other details, please feel free to get in touch.


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